Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wilde Advent Calendar

Russ & I alternate days for our little Christmas Calendar and I always vow that I'm going to write down what we do so we remember them for next year.

I'm finally keeping that vow:

  1. Sights-n-Sounds
  2. 1st Presidency Devotional
  3. Making our Family Christmas Newsletter
  4. Watching the first "Simpson's" Christmas Special (Where they get Santa's Little Helper)
  5. Telling P our Christmas memories of growing up. (really funny to hear Russ'. And I cried sharing a few of mine!)
  6. Hot cocoa and cuddling
  7. We each got a bell necklaces and wore them to a work Christmas party.
  8. Sent out Christmas cards
  9. Hallelujah chorus
  10. Wimberley Trail of Lights
  11. Cut out paper snowflakes
  12. Candy Cane Christmas cookies
  13. Making a huge batch of cookies and treats for neighbors
  14. The Hobbit & Russ's work Christmas party
  15. Delivering cookies to the NICU nurses
  16. Friend Christmas party
  17. Taking P down the toy aisle to play with toys (bad idea! Ended in a temper tantrum!)
  18. Delivering cookies to friends and neighbors
  19. Special lunch for P, because it was her birthday!
  20. Decorating a giant gingerbread man with P! His legs did not last long after the project was finished!
Check back later for more fun things...

Updated 12/20/2012

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