Friday, January 18, 2013

Fighting the Good Fight

We all make choices in life. That affect the rest of our life. I realized at my conference today that my chosen profession means giving up some things. Well, at least how the world is now. But the world can change. Now I just face the likelihood of the consequences of my career path.

Here are what I think they are...

  • Being poor. Well, maybe not poor exactly. But that Jetta I've wanted since I was a teenager? Yeah, it's probably not going to happen.
  • Not a lot of appreciation or "Thank you's"
  • Nightmares. Stuff you just can't get out of your head.
  • Hmm... How do I put this one? Probably not going to be in Young Womens anytime ever.
  • Overly Cautious when out in the community.
  • Knowing too much about neighbors/family/friends.
  • Quickly judging others about lying or telling the truth. Can't afford not to.
  • Never being able to watch any Legal TV Show ever without getting angry about it. 
  • Being overly protective of children, especially my own.
But... at the same time, there are benefits:

  • Being able to say that I make my community a better place.
  • Victories that can make you smile weeks after they happen.
  • Having a quiet, sustaining spiritual life.
  • Having motivations to run it out, always.
  • Being overly cautious and protective. (it's good and bad)
  • Having coworkers and a team to work with. Never standing alone.
  • Having a intellectually stimulating job. Lots to think about and work out.
  • Steady work schedule, most of the time.
  • Being able to "do it all". Not many jobs let you bring your kid to work, work from home, or wear sweat pants to work. Very grateful for that!

There are good things and bad things about these serious choices we make. I think, in the end, the good will outweigh the bad. Perhaps the best part about this it that I am where I am supposed to be.

Life is good!

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