Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This week is kicking my butt

This week I've been in training in Austin for my job and it has thrown my little life topsy turvy.
Spending 2 hours in traffic on the road makes me angry, tired, and just grumpy. I don't know how people drive that every day!

And to be honest, I am spoiled. I live 3 miles from my office.

It reminded me of when I went to Russ's work Christmas party.

Many working moms asked me how I was adjusting to being a working mom and how hard it was. I responded that it wasn't that hard at all. Everything is close, so I'm not spending a ton of time driving that could be spent together. We still get that together time.

And Russ is the one who gets her out the door every morning, so my mornings Ernest really disrupted.

But this week, I am feeling it. I am feeling the tiredness of working and the lack of energy to do anything but play with my family each night.

On top of it all, today I learned that a dear fried, mama Hayes died this morning. She was a force of good in this world. She was absolutely inspiring. I miss her already.

So, in short, this week has been awful. It has made me grateful for the life I normally get to live. Here's to the weekend coming up soon, and good elks full of routine in the future.

(Artwork by my niece, Georgia. It makes me smile)

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Michelle Clements said...

I feel the same way, this week is kicking my butt!