Thursday, March 14, 2013

Plans, then Life.

When we got married we took great care to avoid sweeps, as in television news sweeps. We avoided February for this reason. We thought march wold be perfect. That March 16 was perfect, because it is the day before Russ's favorite holiday.

Then we moved to Texas.

And there was a little festival called SXSW.

And our anniversary is spent with Russ covering the festival or resting up from a crazy work week.

Sad to say, our anniversary's have become simple in celebration. And this year, being a not so great celebration year of #6, we shall again keep it simple.

A post-wedding trip to the Salt Lick, and then maybe working on my kitchen light remodel some more.

I don't mind- this year.

And as much as I'd like to think it'll get better in the future, I try not to plan. Because you make plans, and then life happens.

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Britni said...

What day were you married? March 16th? That's TJ's and Danza's Wedding anniversary.