Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Farewell to an Awful April.

April was one of the busiest months I've had in a while. Between Russ's work taking him away for weeks at a time, Being short-handed at my job, teaching yoga and seminary, keeping up with the house, attempting to help a friend's teenage daughter gone astray, and oh, let's not forget being a Mother!

In short, April was a terrible month. I spent many lonely nights trying to sleep and feeling overwhelmed by life.

But I have learned that I need to say no to people. Especially when it involves who stays in my house. The worse part of this past month was having a deceitful liar under my roof- that is what stressed me out more than anything else that went on.

It just goes to show, your home is sacred and should be guarded.

Lesson learned. Now, let's keep on fighting and enjoy summer.

One more month of teaching seminary! Which I enjoy but it's just so early!

Press on life!

I hope the biggest challenge I take on in the next few months is potty training!

Our Seminary Mascot.
Darth Tater!

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Paul and Tammy said...

Welcome back!! Whew...I got worn out just reading about your busy life. Where do you get the energy from?? Good luck with the potty training. I do not envy you ;)