Saturday, December 14, 2013


This year the checklists are going by not totally completed. The decorations are not entirely up around the house. The advent calendar doors are not all being opened.

But we've had giggles on the couch.

We've had visits to Christmas lights all over, and seen Santa a few times.

We've made cookies and we'll have our home filled with dear friends to celebrate.

This year, it's not about the lists.

It's not about being the cutest most funnest family on the block.

It's not about keeping up with the traditions of other families.

It's about MY FAMILY.

It's about helping those we can, within our means, and when we can help them.

It's about being nice to strangers we see, walking around with a smile on our face, and then just enjoying our time together.

Hope yours is just as well.

Tis the season to have joy and be happy and be satisfied with the life you have.

Merry Christmas season to you.

May the next 11 days be full of peace and wonder.


Chow (and the Wilde family)

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