Monday, December 30, 2013

About My Girl

The holidays swept us away on a whirlwind of fun, as I am sure it did most of you. Now that my girl is 2, I wanted to record and share some of her milestones this year:

  • She knows her ABC's, and can sing the whole song.
  • Her favorite thing to say is "I go first" and she uses it instead of saying "my turn". It doesn't always work, like when she's brushing her teeth.
  • She can count to at least ten... sometimes 15.
  • She loves to tell us what is happening, even though we can see/hear it too. "Baby Weston is crying" "Max is barking" "Mommy is sleeping" "Daddy is at work"
  • She is half-way potty trained... and probably would be totally potty trained if I put in some effort. But for now she pees in the potty on her own. I'll put in effort next year.
  • She does not watch TV of movies. She will sit for about 15 minutes of Signing Time... but that's about it.
  • She loves babies and has 6 of them. She takes care of them- feeds them and changes their 'diapers'. She stays busy with that!
  • She likes to run. In circles. From the dining room-front foyer-living room-kitchen and then back to the dining room.
  • She loves to be outside
  • She sings songs- all the time. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "ABCs" "Slippery Fish" "Baby Bumble Bee" "Once there was a snowman"
  • She is very caring. She gives a lot of hugs and is very concerned when she sees someone cry- even if that someone is a stranger in the store.

She is really the light of our life. I can't wait to see what happens in 2014!


Tammy Morton said...

P seems like such a doll!! We wish you guys lived closer then our girls could play dolls and sing songs together.

Hilary said...

So cute! Miss her! And you guys!