Thursday, May 21, 2009


Whenever they need help, I work out this wonderful outlet shop, Lladró.  Well, this weekend they are having a special sale, so I'll be working a lot. I loved so many of the pieces that we just received, I just had to post them:

This one's for Sept. 11 called The Tribute

This one takes my breathe away... BEAUTY!

This piece reminds me of my dear, dear friend Jory. I miss his wit!

This one is so UGLY! It was retired in 1983, we are selling it for $400 and Lladró appraises it at $1,250. Maybe it's not that ugly...

The ballet pieces always make me want to leap with joy!

Reminds me f a crown of thorns, like they put on Jesus. It's actually part of a jewelry set, it's supposed to be a tiara.

So much detail!

The Nativity on fast food.

We've had this one forever- no one ever wants it. And I feel like the only good place for it is a museum in Utah- because Seagulls are the state bird.

He keeps your jewelry, it makes me happy.

This peacock is from 1970. It hasn't increased in value since then, it's $35. But I think it's very pretty.

This one. This is my all time favorite. I come back to it again and again (it's not part of the new shipment, but I adore it). It takes me breathe away, called "Graceful Moment".

Do you like it? Which is your favorite?


DowdleFam said...

Nate served his mission in Barcalona Spain. He brought me back 3 Lladro's I love them ALL

Future Mama said...

I like the dancing one too! So pretty!