Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Bullet Points of Life

  • Today I initiated a confrontation at church. I don't recommend it, even if you have a good point.
  • I took a Spanish class this week and learned a TON! But I walked away longing for French. I love the French language. It is so beautiful.
  • Russ and I have a year pass to the local movie cinema, so you'll probably hear us talk a lot about movies we see.
  • We are going to Waco, TX June 22nd to check out Baylor & go to the Dr. Pepper Museum.
Quick Summary: Life is good.


Stacy said...

I want to know what your confrontation at church was all about! Maybe your next blog should tell the story =D

Future Mama said...

You look beautiful!!

Ok question! Do you want to do dinner and a movie soon?! I was thinking I could make dinner if you want.. Yes, me cook! I know... crazy!! But it'll be good, I promise! Then do yall want to see Transformers 2?! Cause I do and I've been waiting FOREVER to see it!! ...I'm a dork I know! But it's one of the only movies we'll pay to see in theaters this year and I'm going to take advantage of that opportunity! haha! I was thinking IMAX.

And what do you mean you don't fit into any of those categories? You're not gonna have even one kid one day?! ..I mean, nothing against that, just askin ;)

PS: What Spanish class? that sounds awesome!

Cassie said...

I love church fights. Keep those fists up!