Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Visiting Teaching Means to Me

I found myself this afternoon arguing with my mom and suddenly in tears about something I'm sure most people don't shake a stick at. Visiting Teaching. Nay-sayers please don't read on & if you post mean comments I will delete them. For me, it's not a number. It's not an assignment. It's an excuse for me to connect with women I wouldn't normally talk to about spiritual things. To go out of my way to be there friend. Currently I have 3 callings at church. Well, 4 if you count visiting teaching. None of these callings are with heavy adult interaction; they involve serving those younger than I. Now I am not complaining- I am grateful to serve. But I do long for interaction and discussion on spiritual matters with ADULTS. That is what visiting teaching is to me. It's my chance to feast upon the gospel with those who have had a lot of life experiences, who are themselves serving in callings that take them away from just sitting and soaking up the gospel in Sunday School and Relief Society. I apologize if it has ever seemed that this is an item I check on my list to get to heaven. It's not. I don't have a list. I do it because it means a lot to me. It's important to me. Just a few things that my mom brought up- she's a good lady who drives a good point. In the same note, we're all on different levels, we're all going through a lot. But we do our best to be there and to show some love. There will be months were we drop off a pie on the last day. Months where teaching companions go to visit family for the whole month. That's life; it happens. C'est la vie. That wraps it up. Those who I have visited in times gone by, I'll say what I know I have said to you face; Can I do anything for you? I love you. I really do care.

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