Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some days...

Here's a view of the last 3 days:

5 pm Finish Work
5:30-6:50 Teach ballet
7-8:30 Girl's Camp Kick-off
8:30-3 am Youth Counselor Sleepover
Yes folks, at 3 am I was sitting around talking to a bunch of teen girls about being a leader and I realized that I had to be in court at 8 am. So I shut it down.

7:00 am get up and out the door by 7:30
8:00-2 Court. It was a very unique experience.
2-3 Lunch with el hefe and Russell
3-4:30 Nap Time!
5-11 San Antonio trip for dinner/temple with a group of Kyle Stake Girl's Camp leaders
11 Bed (Finally)

5 am get up and organize ballet costumes.
5:30 check out hike for girl's camp
6:30 Hike Purgatory Creek with the Young Women
We did a geo cache. It was really cool. Pictures to come!
8:00 Realize we're lost. That we've hiked a couple more miles than planned.
9:30 Make it back to our cars. Our awesome bishop was there with breakfast tacos and orange juice. Yum!
10:00 Roll into my driveway where there is a clad of 4-10 year olds waiting to get inside, get into costume, and get their pictures taken for ballet.
I proceed to rangle kids for the next 2 hours in cute poses. ADORABLE! I love teaching ballet. I love to see these girls all dressed up. Pictures to come!
THANKS HIL for taking the pictures! Huge THANKS!
12:30 Put away costumes. Write this blog. Rest my dogs.

Not bad for 3 days! I can't believe I survived. It was one of those times that you plan everything and then when its time you think, "What was I thinking???"

Thanks to all who helped, contributed, etc. Now to go thumpin'

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Hilary said...

YOU are a good person. The pleasure was all the ballet fun!