Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We all fall down

Do you ever have someone close to you making choices that they think are good, but it seems self-destructive or unproductive?

Like a friend who's working at a dead-end job going nowhere?

Or dating someone who is just keeping them on a leash, with no intention to take it to the next level?

I'm sure there's others you can think of. These are just two I thought of right now that I've seen recently.

Well I hate it when it happens. I feel so helpless. It comes up every now and again in my life and I always want to help them see the rut they're in and help them get out of it. But it never, never ends well. And often, it reveals my own shortcomings more than it helps them. So I guess we have to let people make their own mistakes, fall on their face, and then be there to help them up. 

But it super sucks to watch. I saw this commercial recently that reminded me of being in that position.

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