Tuesday, November 16, 2010


On Sunday Russ suggested we watch this documentary. I was not in the mood for a documentary (On Sunday I like to take a break from the world- not watch some movie about how crazy it is). But tonight I was desperate to procrastinate studying. So I watched this movie:

Japan Baby: That little girl cried a lot. She's in a room full of toys and refuses to be satiated. In the meantime the Mongolian baby is happy as a clam eating paper.

Mongolian Baby: This little dude got into a lot of trouble in his first year! It was like every time we saw him he was playing and happy and spills something. Next thing you know he's getting yelled at and spanked and it has no effect on him. Because he has NO CLUE that this is punishment. Oh, and it really sucked when he tipped his stroller.
Plus, what a jerk of a big brother! Hitting him with a scarf, driving the little dude out to the middle of a cow pasture in his stroller! Poor guy! If he makes it to adulthood he'll probably be a world leader.

Africa Baby: As far as rapid growth and motor skills, this kid ended up way ahead of the other babies. He was running when he turned 1 and had begun learning to balance pots on his head. What a champ! Although, he did spend a lot of time lying in dirt and muddy water. I think he even ate dirt at one point. But he could take care of himself pretty much by the time he turned 1. He could even speak in the click-clack language with his mom. I was very impressed.

US Baby: US Baby, you got the most parental attention of any of these babies. But what's with naked mom hot tubing? Is that a thing? And the chanting class? Huh?!? Who takes their baby to a chanting class? Other than that, this baby was the most boring. Probably because I've seen it a hundred times before, probably because the other babies had siblings that tortured them. All in all seems like US babies have it pretty good.

Well I've successfully procrastinated another night of study (it's only the second week into the quarter, so it's not too big of a deal). What can I watch tomorrow to procrastinate studying?

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