Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Heart News 8 Austin

My husband is a news reporter. Which you may think is "cool" or "interesting". But my gut reaction? "yuck". On our first date I gave him an earful. I told him that he was benefitting off of human suffering, he exploited people at the worst and hardest points in their life, and that his profession caused much of the 'fear-mongering' in the US.

Russ took these harsh comments with grace. And I was quickly humbled when our waitress congratulated him for being the National Television Student of the Year. Turns out Russ was really good at his job. And he didn't do the news the way most reporters do. He was very respectful of people.

Okay, okay, so there was one time we got in a HUGE fight because it was flooding in Cedar City and he started filming people bailing water out of their basements while I went and helped them bail water.

And on more than one of our dates he said something like, "There's a hostage situation, I have to cut this short". He does go and chase the news sometimes.

But the way news is reported is largely dictated by the news station. I was super nervous when he interviewed with News 8 Austin and I found out that they were a 24 hour news station. I thought for sure this meant that Russ would be leaving all hours of the night (and day) to go cover stories.

But I was wrong. News 8 is very community-oriented. Sure they report the ugly stuff. But there's a LOT of positive stories on this News Station.

For example, this story about this adorable Santa Claus who doesn't have grandchildren(s).

Or this story, which is part of a season series of music. I guess it makes sense given that Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. We're got a lot of music happening!

Today as I watched after my run, the news anchor mentioned that the station will be showing Christmas performances all Christmas day! Um... yes, I will be tuning in. I love live music, and I love Christmas music!

Just had to write out my love for News 8 Austin. Oh, and as a sidenote, I love all the reporters on there too. I don't mean to sound like an old lady who think the people on tv are her family, but I like turning on the station and seeing who's working. "Jennifer Borget is working!" or "Marc is on today! I though he only worked weekends". Best of all, "Hey, that's my husband. He's doing his nervous smile."
Ooh, he's on right now.

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