Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To take PC in the Spring or Not?

I need your opinion. At Baylor Law, there's a tough required course. It's called "Practice Court." Originally I planned to take this class in the Spring 2011 (in a few months). Then I won the Client Counseling Competition, which competes interscholastically in the Spring. The coach told us we can't do Practice Court while competing.

So I thought that I would delay Practice Court until the Fall so I can do this competition. But now, being home in San Marcos, I'm beginning to think I should just get Practice Court done. I mean, the competition would be fun, but I want to enjoy next year's Christmas.

Hmm... any thoughts?


testmonkey said...

I'm a terrible person to ask; I dropped out of grad school last year and have never been happier. :)

Chow said...

Hmm.... there's another good option.... maybe I should just drop out! ; )