Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Just Needed a SUNday.

Today has been FABULOUS. Here's why:

  • Only 1 hour church today, so people were 'encouraged' to go to the Nativity Display at the Stake Ctr. 
  • Friends over for lunch (about 10 of us total!)
  • Eating Breakfast for lunch. YUM!
  • White elephant gift exchange. I ended up with Bath & Body Works stuff and Russ got some fancy hot cocoa.
  • Card games, cookie making, football watching, and group naps.
  • Walking to get the mail with Russ
  • Working on a scarf for Christmas
  • Getting ready for Monday
It's been a great day. And it's not over yet, time to go to a friend's house for dinner to eat some deer meat!


Cassie said...

Sunday's are my favorite too. Guaranteed day off for me and the Mr. You guys are too cute... don't think I have forgotten about coming and visiting you. I talk about my wishes to see you/Austin at least once a week. Ask Jonathan.

Hilary said...

A fantastic Sunday indeed!