Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kicking off Christmas in Fredericksburg, Texas

Over Thanksgiving weekend we went to the tree and pyramid lighting in a the cute (and Mormon historical) town of Fredericksburg, Texas. This little German town is adorable! If you're looking for a good place to go to for a honeymoon or a weekend getaway- GO TO FREDERICKSBURG!

Alright, we started off at the Salt Lick, one of the best BBQ restaurants in Texas. It was delicious:

Then we headed to the F-burg. We did a little window shopping, in which I purchased Ms. Twinkle Toes. An ornament made just for me because I love ballet and hippos:

 Find it here.

Next  we grabbed some of the FREE hot chocolate and cookies. Yes, the city gave us free food! We found our spot to see both the tree and the pyramid. Now the pyramid. I bet you're wondering what a pyramid has to do with Christmas. But, as the mayor told us, the Christmas pyramid is a German tradition. And this pyramid was built in Germany and shipped to this town, so it is authentic.

So we find out spot, and the mayor begins thanking everybody who helped. We are then told that we will be singing two Christmas songs in German. 

My response: AWESOME!

So we sing "O Tannebaum" and "Still Nacht". There is something wonderful about singing a Christmas song with complete strangers while staring at a dark Christmas pyramid. I loved it. I loved doing it with Russ and his family. It will be a great memory for the years to come!

Finally it was time. We counted down and the tree and pyramid were lit up!

So for the Wilde family it's official! Christmas Season 2010 has begun!