Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Night Date With Russell

Last Saturday Russ and I had a date night. With the holidays and family visiting, this was our night to have some one on one conversations and adventures.

Our adventures started off by going to a photography exhibit that I heard about on Facebook. Now... that should have clued us in on what we were going to. Because it was amateur night in Dixie.
The invite said the even started at 6 pm. We showed up at 6:30 and they were still setting up- still hanging photos. When we walked in they looked surprised. They told us that people don't normally show up until 8:30. "Well," I told them, "the invite said it started at 6." They grumbled and said we could look around. The photography was... less than impressive. Photographs of burned mattresses and people standing aimlessly by trees. But I'm glad we at least tried something new!

So after that we decided to go grab some grub. Seems like we had some disagreement about where to go. But we finally ended trying a new Thai place in town. I can't remember the exact name of it, but it was something like "Prik Amp Tak". It was mighty tasty, fair-priced, and had great dècor! Check it out:

This place is great for people watching as well. While we were dining we witnessed:
  • Football player and his elderly girlfriend (they were quite friendly).
  • Young hipsters talking about how the world is so imperfect.
  • A couple dressed all in white- white turtlenecks in fact. They were being photographed by another patron. It was sort of weird. We thought it might be for a really low-budget album cover of a Christmas album.
  • Middle-aged people in gym clothes? They were the most confusing to look at. And they looked so unhappy.

After that date night progressed into old married people errands. Partly because there was nothing else to do- all the credit card machines were down because a fiberoptic cable had been cut. So the outlet malls had to close early and no one was taking debit. So we ran some errands and went home. I redecorated the Christmas tree and Russ relaxed (he had been at work since 4 am so he was sleepy).

It was a good date night, photo fail and all!

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