Friday, December 10, 2010

People On the "Nice" List-Law School Style

Law school is known to be full of rude, selfish, Alpha personality students. And I think that may be true, for some schools. However, that is not my law school experience. I find most classmates to be very nice. Now, there are some students I attend with that have not been kind. They've been just mean. But these are often due to a "bad day" or stress. It is not indicative of who they really are.

Some good examples of the wonderful people in law school is those present at last night's Christmas party. We talked, laughed, took goofy pictures, ate delicious food, and played fun games. I am so grateful for the good friends I have, at home in San Marcos and at law school. Thanks ya'll for being awesome!

Thanks Jason for throwing a great party!

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