Thursday, December 9, 2010


My sweet, sweet pals in San Marcos have been wishing and planning for a magical afternoon together. An afternoon where we eat the tastiest of food. Where we talk and talk and talk. An afternoon where we work on those unfinished craft projects from last week, or even from our days in Merry Miss.

Well, the dreaming came to an end over the weekend. This glories occasion happened and is now known as Craftfoodernoon.

We all showed up to Jess's house, guitars in tote. Crafts in tote. Food in tote. Heck, we looked like a group of homeless women about to exchange goods. We got settled in Jess's living room and promptly began... talking. Yes. Talking. Not eating or crafting. But talking. This is obviously the prime activity of a craftfoodernoon. But we did eventually get around to crafting. And eating. Check it out:

Not pictured: Michelle and myself. I'm not quite sure how I missed getting a picture of Michelle.

The food was also fantastic:

It was so nice to just talk and be together! I can't wait to do it again in January! 
Thanks ladies!


Hilary said...

I wish every Saturday could be craftfoodernoon!

xojeski said...