Friday, December 31, 2010

A (sad) Look Back at Resolutions

Last year I thought I made some realistic resolutions. Here look, what do you think:

  • Bungee jump in tandem
  • Make out in a movie (I've never done that... neither has Russ)
  • NYC (Green Day Musical)
  • Go camping (sleep in sleeping bags)
  • YogaFit Certified
  • Toobe the River more
  • Schlitterbahn
  • Weigh less at the end of the year
  • Finish New Testament, Start Old Testament
  • Get the dinet set from Canada

So I thought they were realistic. But here's what I accomplished:

  • YogaFit Certified (and teaching weekly)
  • Toobe'd more (almost weekly!)
  • Schlitterbahn (with Dave and Steph in Aug. Can't wait to go back)
  • Weigh less at the end of the year? (debatable. But I feel more healthy)
  • Finished New Testament! ... and started the Book of Mormon. Whoops. I forgot we wanted to start the Old Testament.

Maybe it it's a Resolution for two years it will happen?

Sad, sad sad. Well, I guess 5/10 isn't too bad.

1 comment:

Hilary said...

Sad? No way! You should be proud! I think it's impressive you'd even make 10 resolutions (more than my standard 3) 5 out of 10 is pretty dang good!