Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: What happened?

Before I dive into resolutions for 2011, I thought I should look back at what did happen in 2010. I mean, that last post looked like 2010 was uneventful. But here's a look at how eventful it was:

  • Sunday Lunch: So at the beginning of 2010 I decided to try an 'experiment'. Russ and I decided to hold a standing Sunday Lunch for our friends from church every Sunday. I have to say, it was a LOT of fun. I think I became closer to a lot of good people this way. But... 2011 is shaping up to be busy with law school. So the 'experiment' has come to an end.
  • Finished my first year of law school.
  • Met some of my dearest friends: Jessica, Rebecca, Victoria, Kelsi, and so so many more. 2010 could be dubbed "The Year of the Friends"!
  • My little brother got married
  • I started my second year of law school!
  • I took 3rd place in the Moot Court competition
  • Took 1st place in Client Counseling competition
  • Traded in a vehicle- from an X-terra to a Fit
  • Became a Yoga instructor!
  • Taught ballet, put on a full-on ballet performance! Directed the lighting, costuming, program design... everything! It was fantastic!
  • Dyed my hair brown. It was also an experiment
  • Traveled to: DC, Chicago, Dallas, Utah
There were a lot of downtimes in 2010. But I'd rather not relive those sad moments. But I think 2011 will be a good year. I am amazed about the optimism I feel about it. I haven't made my resolutions yet, but here's what I'm planning to look forward to:

  • Finishing my 2nd year of law school!
  • Going back to being blonde
  • Starting and finishing the dreaded "Practice Court"
Believe it or not that is it. Hopefully we get through the bulk of law school this year....hopefully.

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Hilary said...

Year of friends! Major success in law school! I feel you completely rocked 2010.