Friday, January 7, 2011

English for English Speakers- Part 1

There are 'those' people who do not know the difference between your and you're. If you're reading this and shocked to find out there's a difference, I suggest you use your time to read this.

 I do something similar with different words. Examples:

Me to Russ: "She's a very textile person"

Russ: "....textile.... do you mean tactile?"

and then there was this last week:

Me to my Mom: "Mom, do you have an embroidery board I can use?"

Mom: "Embroidery?!? You mean Emery Board?" (Click here to read about this fancy name for a nail file)

But I am trying to fix it- by reading this blog daily. This is just one of many English mistakes I make. I'll try to address this issue on Thursdays on this blog... but I make no guarantees that I actually do this on Thursdays. I may blog about this more soon. Or... I mean, sooner.


MaryPosa said...

This is funny. Did you know that despite the fact that I graduated with a degree in English, I had no freaking idea that tomorrow was spelled with two "r"s until about 3 years ago. Nice. And don't worry, "your" totally fine.

Chow said...

I have a similar problem with "similiar" and "reccommend". Perhaps I'll do a whole post on this!