Friday, January 28, 2011

Blast from the Past

I love Russ's friends. They're so cool. I always hear about married couples struggling to blend friends, but I  can honestly say that I love Russ's friends.

Especially when they come to visit! This week we had the opportunity to have Darren, Kristie, and Brookelyn visit us. I was away in Waco for most of the adventures Russ took them on. But they went and had some BBQ in Lockhart, toured San Marcos, and played in Zilker Park. When I finally met up with them, we ate at Chuy's:

Brookelyn colored a fantastic picture:

And then we went to the Texas Capitol Building to walk around and have some good conversation while we walked around.
Plus we posed Brookelyn like a statute:

Thanks for visiting! Next time I'll try to be less-busy so we can play more!

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