Monday, February 21, 2011

Food of a Law Student.

I like to eat healthy. If I could choose my diet everyday there would be a lot veggie, fruits, and fish in it. Unfortunately this is what I eat in law school:

Yes. This is a grilled cheese sandwich with a small sample of soup. 
This was a good day.

Yes, this is a piece of cold pizza on a coffee filter. 
Both found in the student lounge at the law school. 
This is a typical day.

If you're not in law school, please, eat a veggie for me. I miss them.


Cassie said...

Is this due to time or money? Or both?

Chow said...

Mostly time but some months, both. Today I totally ate a salad though!!! There's hope!

Hilary said...

I can hardly go a day without eating veggies....and now when I do, I do so in honor of you and all your hard work!