Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 7th Time Celebrating

7 years ago today I went snowboarding with a boy I didn't know all that well. It was  Friday night. We were acquaintances. We had faked being engaged for about a month. Anyway from that first date we were inseparable! Russ asked me out the next night, Saturday night. On Sunday night he made me dinner (and kissed me!).

It went on from there. For 3 some odd years we dated. Then we got married (That anniversary is next month). But we still celebrate this date that started it all.... but this year is less than celebratory with law school and practice court.

So instead of celebrating our first date, let me tell you a story about how we celebrated this Valentine's Day.

From my last post, you can tell I was quite down about the day. After writing that post, I studied for about an hour. Then I heard a shuffle outside. This was weird because NO ONE really knows where my apartment is. Maybe 5 people know where I live. The shuffle led to a knock.
For a moment I thought: not answering it. No way. I'm not getting robbed tonight. I'm just going to sit here and be quiet until they go away.

But I decided I should at least check the eye hole. And I saw this:

Only outside, not in my front room. Anyway, I was ecstatic! 
This was so unexpected! I honestly had NO IDEA. 
But it totally made my week!!! 

He brought cupcakes from "Hey! Cupcake"

Well, 7 years ago it all started. Valentine's Day 2011 we still have some spontaneity to the relationship.
I look forward to celebrating the 8th time, next year. 
Love you Russ!


Rebex said...

So sweet. What a catch! ;)

Kristie said...

You guys are so freaking cute! I'm glad Russ found such an awesome chick.

xojeski said...

Russ ROCKS. the end.