Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone Fun

I Love AutoCorrect... 

No really, I make mistakes too! Just like AutoCorrect.

But I also love this App: Tracking iPhone's! We put this feature on our phones after I left my phone at Gourdough's one day. We put this on here so I wouldn't lose my phone again. But I actually use it to see where Russ is at. I was missing him this morning so I checked to see where he was at. I think it's cute he's next to "Fire Puppy Lane." Cute!!!


Rebex said...

You stalk your husband. That's cute.

Nike and Mike Kirby said...

Chow I need that tracker app! What is it called? I have a huge fear of loosing my phone.

Chow said...

@Nike and Mike Kirby: It's called "Find iPhone"

I think it's free... but I'm not sure.

Congrats too on the pregnancy! Aug. 9 can't come soon enough!!! : D

@ Rebex: You called it just like you say it. I have to admit, I do stalk him. Bus isn't that what love is all about??? ; )