Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last Surgery Post; a Thank You

Well, tomorrow it's been a week since I've had surgery. So I think it's appropriate that I stop blogging about it... tomorrow. So this is the last post I'll be writing about my surgery. I am almost healed (except I can't wear pants. Those darn buttons hurt my belly button stitches). So I thought I should just post a little thank you to a few of those who were supportive.

First, a thought. I think it's interesting to see the people who show love and concern when you're going through a hard time. I am sort of surprised by it. It's like realizing who REALLY cares about you. That said, I count people REALLY caring for me as those who even send a text message, or leave a message on here. I just don't have pictures of them. But still, I'm very impressed by those who have called or contacted me at this time. I have felt very loved.

But here's a shot of those who've been with me in person:

My mom and Marjane for an afternoon of crochet.

My best friend Tiff. She's prego, in school, working, and a mom/wife. She left all this to be with me at my time of need. What a remarkable friend. I'm so grateful for her!

And then, after my everyone left and I was by myself, my friend (and visiting teacher) Rebecca came to the rescue to help me make cookies and keep me company while Russ was at work. Plus we just had a good ole time. I will tell no one of the gluttonous TV show we enjoyed. (ANTM)

And most of all:

Sadly I do not have a picture of Russ during this past week. So this photo of Russ doing his Christmas dance will have to suffice. Honestly, Russ is the best. He has made the food this whole week. Good food- gourmet french toast. Corn beef and Cabbage. Breakfast potato hash. 
Now I've known for about 7 years that Russ is awesome. But this week Russ has been EXTRA awesome. And I have just been amazed by it. Here's an example:

I opened up his computer to blog yesterday and I saw this:

At first I was confused. But I realized that when I was having a ton of shoulder pain over the weekend, Russ had done a google search to find out how to ease my pain. This is just a small example of how sweet Russ is. I just can't imagine life without him. It would super suck.

But really thanks to all who've been here for me. I'm still on the mend, but I am so over blogging about it.


Nike and Mike Kirby said...

Chow, I love reading your blog. I think your attitude through this whole week has been amazing! It looks like you are really loved (as you should be). I also love how thankful you are to those around you. Be well and good luck with school.

Kristie said...

Ok is it sad that I've looked forward to your surgery blogs? Its not that I like seeing you in pain. It that you are so fun and triumphant. I'm glad you've had such great help. And Russ is such a great hubby. We are kind of fans of him too.

Rebex said...

You're easy to love. :)

Chow said...

Thanks Ya'll!!!! You're the best!

I'll see if life doesn't present more fun opportunities that I can blog about.