Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today in the Mail

My computer is at the Apple Store getting its' own surgery (cracked keyboard) so I'm blogging from Russ's computer. Because of this, I don't have access to my photos about my adventures in surgery, or the other 10 blogposts I'm behind on.

So today I will blog about the book we got in the mail. Really, Russ got in the mail. Okay, so this is a blog about something Russ really likes. But I am starting to get interested in as well. Doesn't that always happen in marriage? It happens in ours. Russ gets into something and then it becomes my favorite, like this post. Or I get into something and then Russ also starts to love it. Like... Mumford & Sons I guess. Or Eggs Benedict. Or French Onion Soup.

Okay, so today in the mail we got this book:

So while I should be studying and getting ahead, instead I am reading things like:

  • How to suck at Facebook (my fav's: the Infant Profile, the Desperate Marketer, & the Horrible Photo Tagger).
  • 6 Reasons Bacon is Better than True Love
  • 8 Ways to Prepare Your Pets for War
  • The 7 Types of a Crappy Pedestrian (my fav's: The Texter, The Death Wish, & the Pacematching Stranger)

If you're looking for a funny distraction, I recommend you buy it.

Check it out here.

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Cassie said...

Commencing dolphin punching.