Monday, March 7, 2011

Starting to Heal...

With my best friend, my mom, and my husband (he's taking the picture) I am ready to get better.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling very brave. Russ went into work, so I decided that Tiff and I better go out to eat. I took Tiff to my favorite San Marcos restaurant- The Root Cellar. There was a small wait and we put our names on the list. We waited for our names to be called and the restaurant got louder and louder. I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. I stepped outside to catch some air.

I was only outside for a few minutes when Tiff told me the table was ready. I walked back in the restaurant and walked to our table. I took one look at my seat and knew that I was going to toss whatever I had in my stomach. I told Tiffany, "This is not going to happen." I started walking out and Tiff quickly explained that I had just had surgery. 

I got outside and didn't make it up the steps before I was hips over rail puking in the flower bed. Tiff came out and immediately began rubbing my back as I continuously ralphed. And it was not pretty puke. It was not "blend in with the dirt" puke. It was neon green. It was obvious that I had puked there.

We got back to the car and I realized I left my purse in the restaurant. Tiff went back to get it and all the people in the restaurant were oowing and bemoaning my poor-puke state.
"That poor dear"
"And she left her purse!"

I felt a lot better after that. We went to my second favorite San Marcos restaurant- The Cool Mint Cafe. And honestly, I think it just became my favorite after this experience. Because while I love the Root Cellar, so does everyone else in San Marcos. It's impossible to get in and get a seat in less than a half hour. While I love the food, I don't love the wait. I don't love all the people that are always there. it's too busy for me.

But Cool Mint Cafe is a undiscovered treasure. When Tiff and I walked in there the atmosphere was so calm. You could hear the soft music playing. There were a few other tables, but not too busy. We got a table right away. And there's large windows with light (the Root Cellar is in a cellar- small windows). I felt to much better at the Cool Mint. 

After Tiff and I had enjoyed sometime together, I had two angels show up to help me heal and feel better- Hilary and Jessica. They brought me these beautiful flowers: 

They also brought me some cookies. It was so nice to see some good friends. Thank You!

Tiff and I did some other things that helped me get moving and get feeling better. Plus my mom came.

Another thing that helped me heal was Russ's good cooking. On Sunday he made me some corn beef and cabbage with potatoes. I really think his good cooking has kept my body on the mend.
Thank you sweetie. Best Husband ever.

Today I went and got my nails done with Tiff. My mom paid for it, so really it was a group effort. 

The only downside of the experience was the lady massaging my hand massaged where my IV was. That area of my hand was very bruised and it hurt a lot.

All in all I am on the mend. I am feeling better. I think I am through the rough parts.

More to come tomorrow, but here a the topic: Church while Recovering.

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testmonkey said...

Glad you're feeling better! (And best puke description ever, I might add. :) )