Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Church During Recovery

So I really wanted to go to church on Sunday, even though I had been in so much pain on Saturday night. As pictured in my earlier post, I got ready with my mom's help.

We showed up at church and sat on the back row. I brought my rice bag (a fabric bag full of rice that you warm up in the microwave. It's like a poor man's heating pad) for my shoulders. I was still in some pain. We sat down and the meeting began. After about 20 minutes into the meeting (just after the sacrament was passed for those Mo'mons out there) my rice bag was cold and I asked my mom to warm it up for me. She promptly went to the kitchen and warmed it up. When she came back she said to me, "it's kind of hot, it keeps making a crackle and pop sound." Sure enough, it was. But my shoulders were in pain and I didn't mind the bonus heat.

As the meeting proceeded, a counselor in the bishopric got up and ran outside. Although this is strange, it's happened before in our San Marcos Ward. Once, while Russ was speaking in church, a man had a heart attack. A lot of people left in the middle of that meeting. No, not because of Russ, they left to help the man having a heart attack! Sidenote: our church is next to the hospital so the man is ok and got quick medical attention.

Anyway, I thought nothing of the bishopric member leaving. The meeting proceeded and it was a wonderful meeting. It was a fast & testimony meeting. I was glad that I attended. Then, five minutes before the meeting ended, I felt those little feelings telling me to share my testimony. Now before you get too excited, I didn't get up and give a long crazy testimony due to the pain meds. I gave a very short testimony because I knew if I didn't, that I would say something crazy. So I kept it short and sat down before the room began spinning.

But my mom had walked me up there and she then bore her testimony. And I think hearing her testimony is the reason why I felt that I should bear my testimony (because she wouldn't have gotten up on her because she's a visitor and has some sort of policy about that). Anyway, here's what I remember that she said that I want to remember:

  • When she was raising 5 kids on her own she thought she was raising 5 juvenile delinquents but she kept on taking us to church and stuff.
  • Her attempts to have FHE were normally family fights that started and ended with prayer (so true. I remember these).
  • Even though life sucks right now, just remember: THE BEST IS YET TO COME.
After that the meeting shortly ended we spoke a few words with some friends and headed out to the foyer. Out there the bishop quietly came up to Russ (who was holding the rice bag) and asked, "Can I smell that?" Russ, of course, obliged. The bishop went on to explain that during the meeting, he thought the church was on fire and had sent the other bishopric member to go put it out. Turns out it was only my  rice bag, burning in the microwave!

I am glad that I went, but I think I left before I caused any real damage to the church. I went home and took a small nap before watching "The Social Network" with Tiff and Mom and Russ.

Here's to another day of feeling BETTER!!!


Shelly Belly said...

I love reading your blog! Your humor is uplifting. :)

Rebex said...

Your story about the rice bag made me laugh for five minutes straight. Hilarious!