Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Break Begins...

I kicked off Spring Break this year with some surgery. I had known this was coming for quite sometime, but with law school being so busy, I didn't really think about it. Before I knew it, the surgery was here. 
Check out how it all went!

This is me sitting on the bed in my room. Tiffany and Russ are in here too. We were waiting for a while. They gave me socks and pants and a cool gown that plugged into the wall and filled with warm air. 

Finally, they stuck an IV in me (they tried it on the left but the vein spasmed so they stuck it on the right). I think I was pretty nervous at this point. When everyone was ready they wheeled me down to the operating room. The operating room was very intimidating. The giant lights on the ceilings and the tiny little table I had to lay on. I was nervous. I got on the table and the nurse put an additional tube into my vein. "What drug is this, " I asked her. "Versed. It's in the same family as Valium."
That is all I remember from pre-surgery. Next thing I knew I was grunting in the recovery room and the nurse was making me cough, breathe deep, and drink water. I kept wondering how everyone else was feeling. So everytime someone would ask me how I was doing, I would respond with, "How are you?"

This is when they wheeled me back into the room where Russ and Tiff were waiting. I was not totally there at this point. I was in and out of consciousness. I remember Russ helping me get dressed and I thought he was putting on my dress and I got really mad at him for it. Turns out, he was just helping me get dressed.

Then I insisted on this awful picture. First of all, to do the type of surgery I have, they inflate your body with air and gas. So in this picture I sort of look like a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But apparently I really wanted to remember this nurse.

Finally I made it home. Tiff and I stayed in these seats for quite sometime. We tried to watch the Academy Awards pre-show but I kept falling asleep. 
The soup next to me is from the Soup Peddler, in Austin. Quite tasty. 

Tiff and I had a few adventures inbetween sitting in these seats, but I'll post about that tomorrow. For this post, suffice it to say that we spent a lot of time in these seats. Me recovering from surgery, and she being prego and taking care of me. 

My mom flew in last night (Saturday night). I was in a LOT of pain that night. A LOT of pain. Even on Sunday morning (today) I was still in A LOT of pain. But I wanted to go to church. So this is my mom putting on my make-up for me to go to church.

There's a little update but there will definitely be more stories to come!


All Because two people fell in love said...

You're such a trooper! Glad you made it through ok. Love ya SIS!

Anonymous said...

LOL jojo is so funny I show him the pic of your mom doing your makeup and i ask him who it is... he goes Grandma and my grandma, then he goes grandma and mary, then he says grandma and Aaliyah... I keep tellin him no it's your auntie chow. LOL
Hope your recovery goes well. Love ya

Rebex said...

I love that you came to church, even though you were feeling rotten. You are amazing. :)