Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things That Must Go...

My favorite radio show in Utah has a program every Thursday called "Things That Must Go". It's sometimes funny and sometimes very true. Well, here is my list of things that must go:

  • Tin foil on windows
  • Law School
  • The Drought
  •  This talk of "The Rapture"
  • People announcing their candidacy for presidency or speculating about candidacy for the presidency way before the election. We should do it like England- no on can announce they're running until 9 months before.
  • Gas prices
  • Humidity
  • Sassy pants husbands
  • Crocs
  • Canned peas
  • The Recession
  • Lady Gaga
Mostly tin foil on windows needs to go. What does my house look like? A baked potato? A trailer?


All Because two people fell in love said...

i love the things that must go! do you podcast it? Im going to make my own list and post it! thanks for letting me be a copy cat. :)

Shelly Belly said...

Top of my list is canned peas. Yuk! :)

MaryPosa said...

Oh Chow, this is the best idea ever. I do so miss Radio from Hell. I was in SLC last week and got to listen for a bit (and hear Richy T. Which was kind of weird.) Brought back all kinds of early morning high school memories.