Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Night Life of PKW

5:05 pm: Mom picks me up from school and I giggle about it.
5:10 pm: Try to eat Mom's necklace again. It doesn't work. Settle for ripping it off her neck. Also doesn't work. She puts me in the carseat before I can make another attempt to destroy the necklace.

5:15 pm: Tell my mom about my day as we drive home. She doesn't understand my happy shrieks. Fall asleep.

5:25 pm: Wake up in the living room. Hey, wasn't I just in a car? WTH? Oops, I'm not supposed to swear.

5:30 pm: Look out the back window at the birds. Yell at the birds.

5:40 pm: Destroy my high chair and throw bibs all over the kitchen.

5:45 pm: Crawl to the bathroom, shut the door, and say as much as I can to hear my voice echo.

5:55 pm: Bart Simpson choke the Brown Bear. Bear must die.

6:00 pm: Mom loads me up for a neighborhood run. I am so confused about this because I can't run.

6:05 pm: Laugh at my mom's slow pace.

6:15 pm: Yell at the moon.

6:30 pm: Giggle at the neighborhood dog that tries to run with us.

6:35 pm: Yell at the moon (with my hands this time)

6:40 pm: Rub my head to tell my mom that I'm done with this run.

6:55 pm: Get home and love on the Brown Bear. Giggle at the Bear. Bear forgets I choked him.

7:00 pm: Destroy all things on the coffee table.

7:05 pm: Eat a lot of food. Cheerios, Baby food, a Bottle. Scream at my mom for thinking I'm done. Eat more Cheerios. Some Baby Cheetos. More Cheerios.

7:35 pm: Throw balls around and play with my parents. I'm so funny. They are so funny. I pee a little. My mom pees a little.

8:00 pm: Get a little grumpy. Discover my Yoda toy and style Yoda's hair.

8:15 pm: I'm pretty sure Brown Bear is jealous. Bart Simpson choke him again.

8:30 pm: Parents strip me down to my diaper. Gleefully escape in my near nakedness.

8:35 pm: Parents put more clothes on me. I rub my eyes.

8:40 pm: I eat a 1/2 bottle and listen to my Mom or Dad reads a story. Laugh when they change their voice into something weird.

8:45 pm: Sit in my crib and play.

8:46 pm: Sleep like a rock

9:15 pm: Sleep Crawl to the other side of the crib and sleep in a weird position. Repeat every hour. My parents laugh at all the places they find me at in my crib when they check on me.


Paul and Tammy said...

Whew!!! She is one busy girl. Look how big she's getting too. What a cutie!

charlotte said...

i love your blog !

Cassie said...

Sounds like a busy day! What a lovely way to document it.