Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Looking Back at My Sweet P

So I noticed that along the side of my blog, there's a top 5 list of posts.

I also noticed that 2 of these posts refer to being pregnant with P. One of which I read and it made me laugh- because knowing her as I do now, I can see how those initial interactions with her was part of her personality.

Here's the then and now of it:

When someone is talking in a mean 
tone, or loudly, or maybe Spud just doesn't like them, 
Spud hides under my right rib. Whole body.
 It's fun to feel Spud fold up on one side.


Yup. P is not a fan of loud noises and yelling or when certain people talk. While she no longer folds up under a rib, her eyes get really big and she runs to me or dad. It's funny.


Movement: Lots. I can tell when it's a hand wave, a kick, or when 
Spud pedals along my stomach.

The key here is the "pedals along my stomach". When P gets excited, she does something we like to call 'happy feet'. It's like a little baby tap dance or an in-place run. Also humorous. Apparently she's been doing it for a long time.

This makes me glad I took the advice of my awesome Sister in Law(s). I think I'll record this again- in a few weeks.

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