Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Goal for This Christmas

I am SOO EXCITED for Christmas. I have been scanning the radio to and from work for Christmas music....with no luck.

I am also eager to figure out where the decorations will go in the new digs. And the lights on the outside of the house. And I'd like to get into gift shopping... but I want Black Friday deals.

The other thing that I keep thinking about doing this Christmas is that I want to read some Christmas-themed books.

So Obviously, the first on the list is:

Any other ideas of what I can read?


Paul and Tammy said...

FM 100 just started playing Christmas music, it's great! As for books, I've heard The Christmas Box and Christmas Jars are good, though I haven' read either one.

Chow said...

I thought about The Christmas Box- I've never read it!

Ah! I'm jealous of FM 100. I play Christmas on my Pandora station. And on the radio the DJ's call themselves "elves" and have a Christmas giveaway going. But no music!!!

Birdy Marie said...

Fat Santa it's book for children and one of my fav books... one you could read to P.

Chow said...

We are going to the library this Saturday- we will pick it up! Thanks Brit!