Thursday, November 28, 2013


I want to do the gratitude thing, so I'll be updating this entry throughout the month for what I'm grateful for daily...

Day 1: Good Jobs. Very thankful to have a good job, good coworkers, and a good working environment. I really love my job.

Day 2: My family. From the moment I woke up today to the moment I went to bed, my day was spent with my husband and daughter. Working together on our house, reading books, and running errands. It was a heavenly day. 

Day 3: I am grateful for the Sacrament and for the chance I have to be molded into a better person.

Day 4: I'm thankful two-fold today. First, for a good ER doctor who has taken care of my family twice- once for me this summer when I had chest pain and then again today when P was lethargic and sleepy at school. There's something about a familiar face in a moment of crisis that helps me feel at peace. And second, (and this is a repeat) my job. When I needed to work at home today and take care of my daughter, my job was amenable. I had the technology to get stuff done and I was able to work hard! Thankful for a job that supports me in nurturing my family when there's an emergency. So grateful today for these two things and many, many more.

Day 5: I'm thankful for a GREAT husband! I look back at how we ended up together and it seems to have been fate- if you believe in a thing like that. Anyway, I'm thankful that he makes me laugh everyday. He doesn't always intend for me to laugh as hard as I do, but it's like he knows my funny spot. Last night for example (The dryer is going)
R: "What's in the dryer?"
Me: "P's clothes"
R: "Did you put rocks in pockets?"

I probably laughed for 3 minutes. The dryer was loud. He makes me laugh, makes me relax and have fun while I could just work myself to death, and he gets stuff done around the house. He also keeps me updated and totally hip about what is going on in the world. I am quite thankful for my other half. Being on the same team is the best!

Day 6: I am thankful for our home! I feel safe here. As I clean I have moments where I love it- instead of thinking of how I can change it. I even love the parts tht are carpeted (which I thought I would hate). But that carpet feels dang good on this poor old ballerina's feet! Mostly I love who I share it with. And the family I will share it with in the future. My heart is absolutely in my home.

Day 7: Considering Baylor and OU are playing right now, it's only appropriate that I am thankful today for Law School. BLS trained me to be a "Don't Back Down" attorney. To be honest, frank, and to not 'hide the ball'. I love what I've become thanks to this fantastic law school and it doesn't hurt to cheer on a undefeated football team this season. Sic 'em bears!!!

Day 8: I'm grateful for sleep. 

Day 9: I am thankful for Saturdays and for time with my family!

Day 10: I am thankful for a healthy body- just yesterday I started exercising to prepare for the looming delivery of #2. I'm about 5 months late... but life has been busy. Grateful to be able to walk 2.5 miles everyday!!!

Day 11: Days off that I get to spend working on my house and playing with my daughter.

Day 12: Thankful that every day ends and a new one begins... Tuesdays that are Mondays are hard!

Day 13: Thankful to work in a great legal community- I have many colleagues/defense attorneys that are pleasant to deal with and are not jerks! There may be a lot of jerks in the legal profession, but thankfully most of the jerks live out of town!

Day 14: I am thankful that although I come from a strange family, we are not the craziest family I've seen. My job is good to remind me that my family may be weird, but it is not abusive or destructive. I'm thankful to be able to create my own version of "normal" and to raise my family in a safe environment.

Day 15: I am thankful for Friday! And the weekend! And to busy myself with being busy at home. No offense to the great wide world, but I look forward to the years ahead where my hobby is in my home, my greatest efforts are in my home. I don't need a bunco night or a scrapbook group or whatever. I've got my family and my best friend in San Antonio and my other best friend right down the street! See you later social life! I've got more important things to do!

Day 16: Thankful for old friends. I think my new year's resolution this year is going to have to do with being a better friend.

Day 17: Thankful for sick days and a chance to get my little girl feeling better... well I think she feels fine but to get her voice back!

Day 18: I am extremely thankful that Phoenix is such a easy-going, happy girl. Tonight she wanted to watch "Signing Time" again (she'd watched one episode). I told her 'no'. 30 minutes of TV is enough and it's time to read. She began reading. Oh, how wonderful!

Day 19: The Book of Mormon! I got to teach seminary this am and I love making it real for those early morning seminarians!

Day 20: Today I am thankful for Baby #2. I'll be honest- I am holding my breath to hear something wrong or that #2 will not live... to put it nicely, quit the team. Today we had another doctor appointment and everything was fine! Best part- #2 would kick the little sonogram monitor where-ever the doctor would put it. Ninja kid!

Day 21: I am grateful for good friends! Life has a way of bringing those you love back into your life. Tiffany, Shelly, Victoria, I am grateful for you today!

Day 22: Double gratitude today! 1. For JFK. 2. My mom, who arrives today!

Day 23: Living close to 2 great cities with good food! Spent today in Austin and loved the tastiness!

Day 24: I am grateful for quiet Sundays- church was quiet, dinner was wonderful, making cookies was relaxed and fun. I even got a nap! Such a good Sunday!

Day 25: Grateful to have my best friend so close and that our families get to spend time together! And that my mom was gracious enough to babysit so we could go on a double date!

Day 26: I am grateful for my mother-in-law. She never ceases to amaze me and she arrives today! Hooray!

Day 27: I am grateful for a husband that cooks and bakes and is basically a culinary genius. he spent much of today cooking and I spent much of today enjoying being off work, watching "The Book Thief" at the Drafthouse, and then spending time with my family and some friends that stoppped by for a visit. Such a wonderful time of year!

Day 28: LAST DAY! Today we shared what we are grateful for around the table as we ate. I am grateful for mercy beyond what I deserve.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

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