Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014... Another Settling Year (I hope)

We are a few days into 2014 and when I look forward to this year and my expectations one phrase comes to mind: get it done.

There is so much to do, to settle, to establish. The house, the land, new schedules, having a baby, the finances, and getting back into my hobbies (yoga, ballet, etc.).

I must admit, I feel daunted. It's not a year of changes (I hope). It's a year of getting this life established so instead of spending my Saturday painting, I just clean and work the land in future years.

It's a year to keep slashing down debt so that in ten years our bills are limited to the necessities of life- not student loans. Ugh that one is daunting.

I wish it were a year with trips to France, Canada, Utah, Hawaii, and Arizona.

But I think we'll be lucky to do a birthday getaway to the coast.

In the long run, I'll be grateful for this year.

But for today, while I wait for the paint in the bathroom to dry before I put on the second coat, today I am daunted.

These are our goals from a party with friends on New Years- Everyone's goals... not just mine!!!

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Hilary said...

Here's to settling! 2014 is bound to be good.