Sunday, August 3, 2014

Just be happy

I love mornings at my house. It is a race to get everything done- because I want my own time to run and play with my baby- and because I have a daily chore list around the farm - and because I pack my own lunch. You get the idea. I pack a lot in. 

I also love my job. I love the complex situations I get to deal with. 

And then I love the evening. The fight at dinner time that we make "happy plates". The occasional "break" (time outs) so we can all get along. The howling with the baby so she develops verbal skills. 

I love it all. Sure it's a mess. But I choose to be happy. To put the people in my life first. 

And that's what life is about. Enjoying the journey- the puke, poops, and tears. The messes. The whole deal. It makes me happy. 

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Hilary said...

Well said, my friend!