Sunday, August 17, 2014

E- things to remember about my baby

My baby girl is growing up so fast and so there are parts if who she is right now I want to write down so I remember what she was like early on:

* E is social. She wants to be sitting up and in the know and see everything. 

* E has a short fuse, and a quick recovery. She gets mad in a heartbeat but if you help her out, she calms down quickly. 

* E has adjusted well to eating rice cereal! It's like she's been ready for a while!

* E likes to sing and talk and likes it when you mirror her noises. 

* E likes to grab stuff. She likes to pump her right fist up and down and up and down. 

* E doesn't cry when she wakes up. She really only cries in her car seat as we drive or when she gets too hungry. Or when she's played with a loud toy for a while. 

* E can get across a room through a slow army crawl and rolling. 

I sure love my little sweet E! Can't believe how big she is already!


Hilary said...

Loved learning more about little E! She is so cute!

Chow said...

Thanks Hil!