Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lucy v. Zehmer

In Contracts yesterday, I was part of a group that acted out a case, Lucy v. Zehmer. I will just highlight some of the funny lines that I (and the other group members) testified to on the witness stand:

Carey: "Do you always do your business transactions on the Saturday before Christmas, in a restaurant, while drinking?"
Olity: "...No."

Carey: "Are you drinking today sir?"
James: "No."
Joel: "Objection! This is not relevant to the contract"
James: "Get that man a drink"

Carey: "Do you write all your important contracts in a receipt book?"
James:"Yes. Here, I have a receipt book right here. Here's my birth certificate, car title, marriage license, opposing counsel's license to practice law" (throws the book up in the air) "these are jokes"

Bates: "How long have you and your wife been married?"
James: ".... (directed to me, who is playing his wife) How long have you been my sister?"

Carey: "Did you ever intend to sell the property, Mrs. Zehmer"
Chow: "Mr. Attorney, I'm sorry I forgot your name. But Mr. Attorney we bought this land about 10 years ago. When the Hitler was taking over Europe and he took the Francie away from the Europeans. I found out I was pregnant with our nephew-son and so we got married- legally- and bought this land for him.... Mr. Attorney I am not educated, and my husband is not the smartest man and we never got an education and we just wanted to make life better for our nephew-son by making sure he had some land in case the Hitler came here too. We....(break down crying)...."

Um... this might not be funny or may be offensive. But in the context of the case and the class, it was fun.

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