Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ten Days of Gratitude-Day 1

With Thanksgiving not far away, I'm starting to count my blessing today.

#1 A husband that cooks
Russ loves to cook. When he was contemplating his future career, he debated between a news reporter and a chef. He chose to be a reporter. We often talk about later having a restaurant, or bed and breakfast, or bakery later on in our lives. But for now, we enjoy dishes like these:


jory Dayne said...

oh man, now my whole day is shot — the menu's all planned and nothing seems like it could be as good as these look!

MPk said...

Uhhh...Russ? Why did you hold back all those years ago at SUU? My question now is: When can you invite the Keiths over for dinner?

Hilary said...

Ahhhh yes...we've all been blessed by Russ's love of cooking!