Monday, May 3, 2010

Our (Randy) Wilde Weekend

This weekend Randy became our first sibling to make the trip to visit us. We started the visit at the Shrine of Texas Liberty.

Next we river-walked.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra was in town to do their show "Beethoven's Last Night".

They classically rocked with lasers.

After dinning on Kolaches, tubing the San Marcos River, and eating ourselves stupid on barbecue we headed to Austin. We hiked (climbed 101 steps) to the top of "Mount" Bonnell.

Next stop the Capitol. Sometimes birds sit on your head.

Randy and Chow were amazed by the dome.

Chow really wanted a Popsicle while we waited to watch the Bats.

After a cupcake we topped off the night at the Alamo Drafthouse (the best place on earth to see a movie). Tonight's feature was "Best Worst Movie". I love documentaries and this is a great one. Check it out if and when it comes to your town.

It was a fast and furious 3 day visit. I left out a lot of details, mostly because I didn't take (or get copies of the) pictures. Good times and then some. Thanks for coming Randy.

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bbrit0101 said...

Sounds like you all had fun. =)

From the TV i hear that the DA is really busy... Is it as busy as TV make is sound?

Love ya