Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sick in the Summer: What do you do?

I rarely get sick. No, really it is once in a blue moon that it happens. Well, okay it happens about 3 times a year. But still, I think 3 times a year is pretty rare.

A few days ago, I started feeling that old familiar feeling. A scratch in the throat. A sniffle here and there. A unexpected cough.

Last night it was a little more pronounced. The constant need to suck on a cough drop or a jolly rancher. The tissue in my hand on stand-by for a sneeze for ten minutes straight and then... ACHOO!

Today, there's no disguise. I sneeze, I cough, I get hot, I get cold. Blech!

I want to pour soup, hot chocolate, anything down my throat.

But, it's summer. It's 84º outside.

What do I do? I've taken Emergen-C. I've taken my vitamins. But how do I ease the scratch in my throat?

Advice, Please!


All Because two people fell in love said...

so no advice on the being sick but the pick of you and charmaine is ADORABLE!

Hilary said...

SADNESS! I would take care of you in some way or another if I were there....not sure what I would do to help, but I'd certainly do my best! Get better soon friend!

xojeski said...

hot water with lemon and a little bit of honey should help ease your sore throat...and rest up my friend (which I KNOW is not an easy thing to do given all the busy things you do!!)