Friday, December 3, 2010

GLEE-king out for one Post

I started watching Glee when it was very first on. I loved it because what happened in the show was sung about right after it happened. The drama set you up for the song and the song made you think that the drama was...well not bad.

But this season the drama and the songs are two separate entities in the same show. Or the songs are some unknown- and unknown because they're really lame songs.
I mean sometimes the drama and music go along together. But every now and again the music is so off-subject I think to myself, "Huh? How does this fit in?" or "What is this song?"


-"Don't Cry for me Argentina?" Supposedly Rachel want this sung at her funeral. WHAT THE HECK!?

-"Dog Days are Over" What is this song? You sing this at sections. LAME

-"Valerie" Same criticism. What is this song? It's not even kind of good!

-"Marry Me" Same thing. What is this crappy song?

And in this blogger's opinion, it makes the drama seem bad.

That's all for today.

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