Monday, July 25, 2011


Who doesn't love the movie UP? And all the other Pixar movies (except Cars. I can't get behind that one) for that matter.

Pixar has a key to my heart! And last night Russ said something that made me have a deeper appreciation for the movie "UP".

We were at a baptism last night and Russ was welcoming the father and daughter to our little San Marcos congregation. Russ was explaining to the family that from here, they need to go up. That after baptism some of us feel that we're done trying and that baptism is the end. But that's not true, there's more. We need to keep going up, there are more moments like the "baptismal" moment that are ahead.

Ok... I'm sure you can't see the connection to "Up". But when Russ said this, I thought about Up and how the old man plateaus after his wife died. But throughout the movie, he ends up opening his heart again to the fat boy scout (who is also named Russ) and helping out a family in need. He goes UP.

It just made me happy. Does that make sense? If you're stuck, go UP.

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The Odd Couple said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's true that we sometimes get stuck and forget that we need to keep moving up. BTW, a builder in Herriman got the rights to build the Up house. It is being built behind my sisters neighborhood and it looks exactly like it. Pretty cool..I guess it's going to be in the Parade of Homes.