Monday, January 26, 2009

A Book I Liked

As many of you know from that obnoxious facebook list, I rarely read a book I like, although I frequently read books. I tend to finish a book in a week because I find the writing so poor and tortuous to read but I can not leave a book unfinished (except In Cold Blood because I had nightmares).

So, finding one I like is a rare find. And it came from a source I was skeptical of; Helen Hopkins.

Helen was introduced to us when she was baptized (at age 80+!). She adores Russ (sometimes threatens to romance him away from me, but all in good fun). She loves a good romance novels and before she was baptized, her big life change was to stop reading them ( I don't know if you're supposed to, but she did). Anyway, we had her over for Thanksgiving dinner and she lent me a book, "Washington's Lady".

Yes, I said Thanksgiving. I so doubted the reccomendation and was feeling quite fed up with my lack of finding a good book, I didn't pick it up until I starting working in a art gallery (Lladro).

Purchases are large but few and so I had lots of downtime to read. And, I was skeptical at first. The book is a historical fiction about Martha Washington. In the first few chapters when George Washington proposed I just about yacked.

But once that was done, the history came in, and the human emotion came in. There were paragraphs that I thought, "this is well written" and honestly there were some I thought, "please, get off the soap box". But overall I finished the book near having watery eyes (which is the state of being before you cry- so I was before the before you cry state) as the father of our country died.

The back had an editors note to define what was real and what was made up, and I appreciated the differentiation between the two as I read a long.

So! Thank you Ms. Helen Hopkins, I have enjoyed a book for the first time since... I'm going to say 2006 when I read "East of Eden".

In other news I completed my application for the University of Texas School of Law. I realize that broadcasting I applied to the 15th ranked school in the nation may 'hex' my chances of acceptance, but I take the Jennifer Borget approach of being an open book. If I don't get in, I think I'll know I tried my best and Russ and I are needed elsewhere. if I do get in, Hilary, Jamie, Betsy, and any other Texan pals can dance in the streets with me and scream "HOOK 'EM HORNS!".

Well, this is the update. Thanks for reading. next book on my list will either be 'The Book Thief' as referred to by my sweet mom, a book Chelsea Adams referred me to, or the book Raquel Bell recently blogged about. But please, keep your recommendations coming. Finding a good book is far and few but the gratification of the find is so worth the search.


Cassie said...

Anything Chelsea recommends is good. I pretty much live by her recommendations.

Stacy said...

Thanks! I love a good book, but I'm with you. They are EXTREMELY hard to find =D

Milner Family said...

Im defiantly gonna read it. dont know when but I WILL read it. I highly recommend the book thief. It was awesome!

Jennifer said...

Chow!! I could never forget you on the list!! haha! I think I'll be most excited when yall are kicked off, not gonna lie. BUT I'm not betting when that will be.

But in reading this... YAY!! I'm so glad you finished applying and you will be so wonderful! You'll get in! You are so smart!

Thanks for the book recommendation too, you know how I am with books. I'm excited to read it!