Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Alive

Russ and I are still alive, we have just been busy. Here's the highlight list:
  • Big 12 game @ Cowboys Stadium. Russ had to report on the Horn's last second win.
  • Christmas in Canada
  • Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. Russ had to report on the Horn's valiant play for the championship. Tough life- he had almost a whole week in California!
  • CLEO Winter-Academic Seminar. Chow had to go to freezing DC for law school exam prep. seminar. But the sweet part was seeing a friend from yesteryear- Katie Coon
Perhaps when things calm down we will post some pictures from these adventures. Let is be said we feel very blessed to have so many opportunities, to have each other, and to have traveled safe. (Thus far. As I write this I'm in the DC airport so... let's hope it goes well!)

Much Love!

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