Friday, July 16, 2010

Please Pick Up The Broken Bells

NPR did a story recently called "Listener's Pick 2010's Best Music (So Far)"

I will admit it, I had a "driveway moment" listening to this story. Only, it wasn't in my driveway, it was in front of the courthouse. Still, I shared a "moment" with my radio as I had ear candy of the great new tunes some great new artists are pumping out.

At number 4 was the Broken Bells. Now I've know about the Bells for a while. But I don't know if you have.

So I ask you, blogsphere:

Do you like Gnarls Barkley?

Do you like the Shins?

If you do, then you'll like the Broken Bells. It's a marriage of the two sounds thanks to Dangermouse (Gnarls Barkley) and James Mercer (from the Shins).

I was insanely jealous when Russ saw them at SXSW, while I was at law school prepping for Moot Court. But their music is so fantastic, I guess it's okay.

Here! Enjoy! Take a moment and clean up your living room while you let this video play on your computer!

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