Monday, November 1, 2010

Talking With My Doctor During Finals

So I had my regular, once a year, doctor check-up today. My old doctor retired and today was my first visit with my new doctor, Dr. Phillips. I'm super crazy about who I go to and I picked Dr. Phillips out from a ton of doctors in Central Texas. Partly for his education and experience, partly for his office and office affiliates, and partly because he's next door to a really good hospital.

Anyway, I met with Dr. Phillips this morning and he spent some time getting to know me. Here's a clip from our conversation:

Dr. Phillips: "Married almost 4 years, wow! Have you two taken a lot of fun vacations?"

Me: "Vacations?" (The word sounded foreign)

Dr. Phillips: "Yeah. Every married couple should have 3 good vacations under their belt around how long you two have been married"

Me: "Umm... what do you mean vacation?"

Dr. Phillips: Laughter. Just Laughter.

Me: "I mean we went to Canada a couple times and went to East Texas"

Dr. Phillips: "Canada counts but East Texas isn't a vacation"

Note To Self: Take a legit vacation with Russ before my return appointment in February. Law school has ruined my sense of fun and made me forget what a 'vacation' is.

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